Uriomma Delicately Smooth products are designed to enhance a holistic, healthy lifestyle, not to replace it. Our products are created to awaken senses and nourish the hair, skin, and body. Uriomma Delicately Smooth products are not intended to mitigate, diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure aliments. If you have a specific medical concern, please consult your qualified health care professional for advice.

If you are currently pregnant, expect to become pregnant within the foreseeable future, or are trying to conceive, please review the ingredients of our products with your qualified health care professional before purchasing our products. A few of the essential oils and herbs we use are not to be used on pregnant women. As a general precaution, essential oils are generally quite powerful and can have potentially negative effects on infants, small children, and other highly sensitive individuals. While all of our products are meticulously created with love, we do advise you to only use products indicated for children on your little ones. 

Although very uncommon, please consider that certain people may have sensitivities or allergies to some of the butters, essential oils, or herbs used. If you have a known allergy or a history with sensitive skin, it is advisable for you to perform a small skin test before fully using our products. We also offer sample sets and sizes to test before committing to full size products.